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Healing Inherited Negative Feelings

Our parents love us to the best of their ability. Some have so much love to give, others have a limited supply. A lot of clients have issues with their parents that cause stress & anxiety.
I've always known that our reaction to people & situations around us while we are growing up mould us & create our core beliefs on a conscious & unconscious level.

We also pick up & adopt as our own feelings, feelings that come from our parents. If a parent holds on to guilt we can unconsciously take that guilt on as our own feeling. As we go through life we may feel guilty in situations where there is no logical reason for it.
This applies to all negative feelings like anger, loneliness & sadness.

Creative visualisation can help us shift & dissolve these inherited feelings with very positive results.
I have done this myself & can speak from experience that this has really worked for me.

Creative Visualisation For Dissolving Inherited Feelings

This only takes a few minutes. Make sure you're not interrupted.

Sit comfortably & close your eyes.

Imagine, see or sense yourself standing surrounded by a white light.
Imagine ribbons flowing out all around you, ribbons of guilt, sadness or negative feelings (it's good to identify the particular feeling you want to dissolve).

Imagine these ribbons being severed by a giant knife. Cutting the ribbons in front of you, behind you, the left of you, the right of you, over your head & under your feet.

See, imagine or sense the ribbons dissolving, dispersing & vanishing as they are severed.

Allow yourself to be showered by a white light. Imagine the white light dissolving any final negative energy. Imagine, see or sense this white light creating a dome of protective light around you.

Then allow yourself to be filled with happiness, peace & innocence. Imagine yourself in this dome being filled up by this beautiful energy & bathing in the light. You are full of these positive words & the healing energy is being absorbed into you.

From the safety of your dome send out into a safe distance in front of you the positive feeling(s) you now have (the opposite feeling of guilt, loneliness, sadness anger which is innocence, togetherness, love, happiness, joy, peace, fulfilment & bliss).

Send this positive word or words to the parent/carer in front of you. See, imagine or sense them receiving it. Know the word is going into them & they are receiving it.
See, imagine or sense that they have received it & they are full of the energy of this word or words.

When you are finished open your eyes.
You can do this as many times as you wish & as often as you wish.
You can do this with one parent at a time, with siblings & anyone you may have issues with.

To add extra empowerment say thank you for the healing that you & your parent have received today.

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