Gill Brook (mnachp) Holistic Healer & Life Coach in Caddington
Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki Master Teacher


Gill has helped many people find the strength within themselves to overcome personal or professional challenges. Below are a selection of comments which her clients have agreed to publish.

"Gill has helped me so much with my insomnia & confidence. I now sleep soundly as I no longer worry about the things I used to. I now enjoy life more as I am more confident to do things I never had the confidence to do before. Gill has given me the tools to cope.

Gill also attuned me to Reiki. Reiki has transformed my life it's amazing."

Greta from Hertfordshire 25/10/12

"I have had both hypnotherapy with Gill and Reiki healing and found it so powerful that I went on to do my Reiki 1 and Reiki Second Degree. Gill is a gentle, caring person providing a calm, tranquil space for you to feel completely relaxed. She is a wonderful healer, teacher and mentor and helped me give up nail biting and deal with stress and grief from work and changes through life. I now use Reiki in everyday life and am grateful to Gill for leading the way."

Anita from Hemel Hempstead

"The one session of hypnotherapy Gill provided gave me that additional bit of willpower I didn't have to stop smoking. 4 months gone - so far so good. I feel really off the hook."

Gary from Herts. (27/06/07 and still not smoking to date)

"I had hypnotherapy as I was scared to go out on my husbands sailing/motor boat. I had panic attacks. I had three sessions of hypnotherapy with Gill which helped me very much. She was able to make me see that the whole experience was wonderful & I should just sit back & enjoy the wonderful outside life & enjoyment of the sea. I am still not too comfortable when the sails are up but can now enjoy the motoring very much. I would certainly go to Gill again if I had another issue in my life that was difficult to handle.

I suggested to my son that he went to see Gill as he was very stressed with his work. Gill was able to help him."

Alison from Mentmore (has since done a sailing course!)

"I smoked for over 20 years before undergoing a hypnotherapy session with Gill. Since then I've never had another cigarette."

Mel from Hertfordshire (06/02/02 still not smoking to date)

"Gill has shown me through Reiki how to manage my life.....earlier this year I lost my husband after nursing him through a long illness. Gill introduced me to Reiki and I learnt to help myself. Although I still feel very lost and alone, I do feel Reiki has helped me through a traumatic time. Reiki is now part of my life and as normal as breathing."

Jackie from St. Albans.

"Gill has changed my life! I completed Reiki 1 and couldn't wait until my Reiki 2!

Gill is a lovely, caring, natural person who has the knowledge, inspiration and enthusiasm to teach. I am very grateful to Gill for introducing me to this spiritual path."

Suzanne from Hemel Hempstead.

"I did Reiki First Degree with Gill. I had a lovely time & gained insight into the meaning of Reiki both practical & spiritual."

Wendy from Hemel Hempstead

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