Gill Brook (mnachp) Holistic Healer & Life Coach in Caddington
Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki Master Teacher


Hypnotherapy is a safe gentle therapy that brings positive change & relief from unwanted behaviour, increasing confidence, self esteem, motivation & helping many other conditions. Gentle meditation techniques are used to create a relaxed trance state. When you are relaxed you are more open to accept positive suggestions that will bring beneficial change & well being.

Hypnotherapy can help any condition. You will be relaxed to a gentle trance state. You do not have to be in a deep trance for wanted change to occur. Some people may go into a very light trance state. Hypnotherapy can be effective at any level of hypnosis. You are always safe & in control.

Gill has helped lots of clients with anxiety, stress & PTSD using hypnotherapy & NLP techniques. It is a natural, safe & peaceful therapy & makes you feel good.

Gill is registered with The National Association of Counsellors Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists.

She is also registered with the CNHC with hypnotherapy.

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Reiki treatments involve laying hands on or slightly above the body on specific energy points. The client receives this healing energy into the body & energy system. To receive Reiki is a very pleasant experience.

Reiki is thousands of years old & was originally used by Tibetan monks. The healing format used today originated in Japan in the early 20th century.

Reiki heals & transforms to create a feeling of well being & calmness. It allows a free flow of energy. Health conditions, stress & emotional upset greatly affect the free flowing energy that keeps us well & energised.

Reiki can dissolve stuck emotional energy & trauma that may be held in the body & energy system. Emotional blockages can cause a great strain on the body. When blockages are gently dissolved it brings a feeling of lightness, freedom & well being. Reiki heals on all levels while you just relax.


Life coaching is a process where we look at different areas of your life and identify what you're unhappy with & want to change. You may want to improve, find clarity or change one or more areas of your life such as relationships, career, social life, health & fitness, diet or finances.
We can work on one area at a time finding practical solutions.
We can work on any problems or challenges that may arise such as low self esteem and uncomfortable feelings using counselling, NLP techniques & perhaps hypnotherapy.
All our answers lie within us.
Life coaching is a process of discovering different ways of resolving problems & challenges
& realising our strengths & potential.

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Your treatment will be unique to you. Crystals, flower remedies, essences & colour may be used to balance on an energy level. NLP techniques, hypnotherapy & Reiki may be used to create a healing treatment that is pleasurable & powerful. Life coaching can be used to identify goals & a plan may be put into place to introduce a practical way forward. We may then use healing techniques to deal with any uncomfortable feelings that may arise so you leave feeling positive & motivated.

Whether you are looking to stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence, be free of fears & phobias Gill can help you. If you are looking for clarity, direction & finding answers a holistic healing treatment may help.

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Sometimes we may have issues, fears & health problems that we may have been born into & have originated from a past life. Some people believe we live many lives learning, experiencing & gaining wisdom as our soul evolves. Past life regression for healing is offered to understand & learn from experiences & situations. NLP techniques are used to heal any arising issues & leave behind that particular life fully healed, happy & fulfilled.

Gentle hypnosis is used. You are aware of yourself in this life as you are experiencing this process. You are completely safe.
The experience is like watching an internal movie as it unfolds in your mind.
There is usually a connection with the issues that are healed in the past life & issues you may be having in this lifetime.
A feeling of lightness, relief & freedom are often experienced upon waking after the process.
Reiki may be used after to balance the body & energy system.

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